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Goat Drinking Milk - Goat Milk
Goat - Goat Milk
$5 Off - Offer Valid on a Gallon of Goat's Milk (a $25 Value)


GilLikays Raw Goat Milk is a great protein source and suitable for the lactose intolerant.


We have goats for sale at six to eight weeks of age as either pets or your own milk source.

Serving Middletown, Brooklyn,
New York City, and a 75-Mile Radius

We sell Free Range Farm Fresh Eggs!
$4 a dozen

Who We Are

Enjoy the benefits of raw goat milk produced in a clean environment in Middletown, New York. At GilLikays Raw Goat Milk we raise our herd in a pasture. They are not locked up, and they are milked by hand. Our goats are clean and so is our milk room, which is approved by state inspectors twice a month. Goat milk is tasty and nutritionally superior to cow's milk.

Contact us in Middletown, New York, to learn more about goat milk.
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